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At Sweat NJ and Sweat NJ KIDS we get maximum results with our 3 steps-to-success. Train, Eat & Track is easier than ever with our nutrition programs and meal delivery services with Shaping Systems.  Shaping Systems, is a sister company to Sweat NJ and is a Online Holistic-Nutrition system, specializing in weigh loss and muscle gains.  This unique nutrition system, offers a  personalized approach to fit the “on-the-go” busy lifestyle with meal delivery options too!

Shaping Systems is a team of knowledgeable professionals who are committed to INSPIRE you. From our own personal transformations to hundreds of others we’ve worked with, our proven and easy-to-follow system will ensure that you’ll be MOTIVATED to become the person you’ve always dreamt of being. We specialize in life-changing nutrition, and lifestyle programs customized to each person’s bio-individuality so you can be EMPOWERED to reach better results every day!

Always On The Go?

Our Concierge team will customize a meal delivery plan for you and deliver right to your doorstep! Week to Week, No Strings Attached! Eliminate all of the guessing games; We offer everything from gluten-free, to kids portions and low carbs to fit every budget!  Get Started….

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Integrative Technologies
Blood Pressure & Health Analysis
GLT Systems Mobile App
Elite Lifestyle Meal Delivery Option

Integrative Technologies

fitbit-comppatibleShaping Systems Software Integrates with
Fitbit  & Many Other Tracking Devices.

Shaping Systems offers a state-of-the-art digital platform and tracking system that syncs with any Fit Bit and Turbo Strap to your smart phone or tablet, to give you an integrative fitness tracking technology experience.  This intuitive learning intelligence is valuable information for recovery and nutrition programming. You can pull weekly reports based on exercised activity and option to share your data with your coach.  Also, you can compete among the Shaping Systems members to thousands of other users while access your stats on in your client area dashboards.

Blood Pressure & Health Analysis

back-body-analysisSweat NJ Coach offers an In-Person Comprehensive Blood Pressure & Body Analysis. 

One of the benefits of meeting in person is our advanced body analysis system. It combines a hand-held ultrasound wand with innovative software to accurately and consistently asses and monitor your body composition. With this technology, you can actually scan, see, and track fat loss and muscle gain. Our professional-grade ultrasound technology is used by elite athletes and trainers all over the globe. This high tech, cutting edge device allows you to quickly, easily and accurately measure your improvements and will sync to your GLT Systems Mobile app. Our proven and trusted ultrasound technology accurately measures tissue structure and body composition. This is to our benefit when tacking fat and muscle thickness to monitor and evaluate the efficacy of your progress.  Sweat NJ’s diet and exercise system is a part of our blue-print to success. All fitness & body composition assessment is privately administered by a certified Wellness & Training technician. The results of each ultrasound syncs with our fitness and nutrition app, GLT Systems. Results can also be printed or emailed to members physician and save for reimbursement for participating insurance companies.

GLT Systems Mobile App

diat-app-iconOur professional diet app will keep you organized with meal planning, food and activity log, in-app grocery shopping list, recipes, goals and tracking.  While our nutrition and health coaches focus create a program based on four key components: Blood Type, Bio-Individuality, Ethnicity and Goals. We’ll help you achieve your healthiest and well-balanced self ever!  If you want a personalized training and wellness program that provides a clear, actionable and tailored systems than Join Now!  GLT Systems Mobile app allows to stay connected, keep your motivated and on track to a healthier, more active life. Now with your App Plus, Ultimate Transformation or Ultimate Plus membership, you can:
Shaping systems website phones images for facebook• Sync your activates or steps with fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit
• Follow your customized nutrition program, on the go
• Track your weight, goals and follow your progress
• Add your favorite food or recipe
• Quickly track multiple items from your Favorites, My Foods, and Recently Added

How it works: Once you become a Shaping Systems member, our Health and Wellness Concierge team or designated Holistic Health Coach will be assigned to you. They will customize a nutritional and weight management system based on your goals, blood type, ethnic background and other information you’ve submitted in your health history. Next, your bio-individual profile will be in the palm of your hands, easy to follow on the go, all times. It will include your daily calorie budget, goal weight, BMI, macro-nutrient ratios and other important factors that attribute to better overall health, nutritional habits and weight control. Even your grocery list, log foods and activities tracking can be indispensable. Sharing your progress is easier than ever with the GLT Systems cloud. All your logged information can then be viewed and monitored by your counselor, trainer and physician for better coaching and compliance to your personal plan.

Elite Lifestyle Meal Delivery Option

Family Friendly, Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep!

We offer through our valued network-partner a local, healthy-food company to deliver delicious, healthy meals right to your door. Your free Elite Lifestyle Meal Subscription Plan membership allows you to take advantage of many benefits. Eliminate all of the guessing games; keep an ample supply of delicious fit meals readily available to ensure that your goals are within reach. We offer Gluten-Free, Kids Portions and Low Carb. Options to fit each blood type! 





More Benefits For Becoming a Sweat NJ Member…


Live life to the fullest! Fight disease, loss weight,  gain muscle or tighten and tone, increased sex drive, increased energy, sleep better and feel great. Shaping Systems’ nationwide Board Certified Holistic Health Coaches and Wellness Concierge team are knowledgeable, caring individuals who will guide and support you through each phase to help you achieve optimal health. Our team of professionals has had personal success and trained to provide the guidance and support to our members. Shaping Systems coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, geographic locations and cultures; however, they share the common goal of helping to get America healthy! All this is better life is now easier than ever with our affordable membership plans. We know how to help you achieve optimum health.  All membership plans includes…

Shaping Systems offer personal experience, knowledge, and a fervent... read more

Shaping Systems offer personal experience, knowledge, and a fervent desire to help members succeed within a technical and science driven program.  Convenience is another benefit you will find including GLT Systems Mobile app and meal prep with delivery service. Two powerful tools to help reach your goal and maintain a happy well balanced life. However, not mandatory as part of our easy to follow system.

Sweat NJ Members are paired with a coach who specialize in member’s goals or conditions with their personal training membership. Your board-certified holistic health coach or professional athletics coach will work with you to design the program that is right for you, assist you with ordering products, track your process, answer your questions, support you along the way and teach you strategies for long-term success! With compassion and professionalism, he or she will help you develop behavioral changes, celebrate in your successes and guide you through tempting situations. Shaping Systems provides bi-weekly interactive support calls and where coach will provide members with additional support and knowledge, right from the comfort of your own home! All you need to do is call-in the time of your appointment.

3 Month Commitment. EASY TO CANCEL.
PLEASE NOTE: Plans automatically renew at the end of the applicable plan period, and you will be charged at the standard monthly fee until you cancel. Tax additional in NY.
*Prepayment of total plan cost not required but will receive a 15% off discount. Avg. weekly cost is based on avg. length month, assumes completion of full term.
Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions apply.

Start Your FREE Nutrition Plan Now

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