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Private 1:1 Session Description Details

Body Composition: Our cutting edge technology will accurately measure and track fat thickness, circumference, calculate BMR and total energy expenditure calculate your body fat though an Ultra Sound Scan. Proven ultrasound technology will accurately measure tissue structure and body composition. Our team will track fat and muscle thickness to monitor and evaluate the efficacy of diet and exercise every four weeks.




Wellness: We believe complete wellness comes from within, reaching you spritely and mentally.  That’s we offer services such as meditation, yoga, in-home massage, acupuncture and many other wellness like session for either performed on our local parks or in-home services. Inquire within for details. We encourage you to learn through our daily inspirational post.  As a member you’ll also receive monthly recipes and informational handouts.  We have many print and web resources available to you as a Sweat NJ member, including the Train Hard, Live Well E-book by Fitness Mogul and Professional Athlete, Gina Lee Trochiano.  designed easily.



Nutrition:  At Sweat NJ’s Certified, Health Coaches will customized nutrition system that is right for you through Shaping Systems. We’ll design each program on an individuals needs based on Goals, Life Style, Blood Type and Ethnicity. Our innovative digital platform allows us to accurately measure body composition, which shifts the focus away from the scale. A scan with our body composition device will indicate fat and muscle levels to optimize your diet system.  Believe in yourself and trust the process. Sweat NJ will challenge you mentally and physically through our blueprint of success are.  you’ll learn more about nutrition, supplementation, and thei impact on your health. We designed a system to offer you the latest practical information, and easy-to-use strategies, to help you in your journey toward a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.


Weight Training: Many people achieve amazing results when working with a trainer. Sweat NJ’s Training and Wellness concierge will team you up with the best trainer for your goals and needs. We believe a unique relationship develops based on honesty, trust and mutual respect. Whatever your goals, personal fitness training can provide you with discipline, motivation and inspiration. Together, we’ll figure out how to move you forward. You’ll learn what’s really important. And what’s not. You’ll be inspired. You’ll get stronger. You’ll learn to trust yourself. You’ll gain confidence and an awareness of your body. And tap the potential within you. Best of all, you’ll see results.




Functional Training: When booking your sessions you have the option to make notes for your coach and mention if there is special areas of concern that day. Session typically ends with a short wellness tactic or massage using Bongers to the back and shoulder area. Increase clients knowledge about their body and help reach your potential often beyond what you thought possible. “No pain, no gain” is not our mantra. Sessions are tailored to remain within pain free limits while providing enough of a challenge to ensure you meet your goals.



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